Additions to ice cream and desserts.

Everything you need - from sweet additions to accessories.

Delicious extras.

Sweet waffle bowls, wafer bears and hearts popular not only in Poland, and confectionery tubes (with fillings, toppings or dry). Each dessert and each party is simply their destiny. And the care for their taste, durability and quality ensured us a permanent place on the market. The customers are just looking for them.

Chocolate coating made of Belgian chocolate? or from real toffee? or maybe a cream dedicated to whipping in siphons? or dessert sprinkles? or delicacies? or fruit? We have it. From the best possible sources.


Whipped cream siphons, cartridges, scoops: if you need really good accessories - we can deliver them. We have been cooperating with the best in this industry for many years. And we know it very well.

  • Accessories and additions to the ice cream parlor
  • Accessories and additions to the cafe
  • Accessories and additions to the confectionery
  • Accessories and additions to desserts
  • Accessories and additives for ice cream