Soforek - more than waffles. Polish manufacturer of wafers for over 30 years

SOFOREK limited liability company limited partnership implements a project co-financed from European Funds entitled.:
„Increase of the competitiveness of SOFOREK Sp. z o.o. sp.k. by implementing an innovative technology for the production of colored wafers”

The subject of the project is the implementation of an innovative technology for the production of colored wafers, which is the result of SOFOREK Sp. z o.o. sp.k. together with IKOONA sp.z o.o. R&D works.
The result of the research and development work carried out is the expansion of the dosing system that allows the production of a new product, i.e. multi-colored cones, also of different sizes, without changing the reel system in the drum at the baking machine..
The developed technology in combination with an innovative wafer baking oven as an automatic production line of sweet, multi-colored rolled waffle cones has obtained a positive opinion of innovation confirming process and product innovation on a global scale..
As part of the project, a highly innovative automatic waffle oven will be purchased,
constituting the basis for the baking process of colored wafers together with a set of winding and collecting and packing devices. In addition, an innovative dough dosing system for colored wafers will be purchased, cooperating with the baking oven. A dough mixer will be purchased,
in which the preliminary dough without dyes will be prepared, which will later be mixed with the dyes in the devices included in the dyed wafer dough dosing system. Dough dosing system for colored wafers,
through the GSM module it allows you to obtain information about the production status, while the USB interface through the computer will allow the supervisor to correct the dose or introduce a new product configuration.

Planned material effects (products):

Number of enterprises receiving support pcs. 1
Number of enterprises receiving a subsidy item 1
Private investments supplementing public support for enterprises (subsidies) PLN 1,648,712.52
Number of enterprises covered by support in order to introduce new products for the company pcs. 1
Number of enterprises covered by support in order to introduce new products to the market pcs. 1
Number of purchased fixed assets items 3
Number of supported new enterprises pc 1

Planned results of the project implementation:

Employment growth in supported enterprises EPC 7
Number of introduced process innovations pcs. 1
Number of product innovations introduced pcs. 1

Total project implementation cost: PLN 2,599,892.82 Co-financing of the project from the EU: PLN 951,180.30