Traditional wafers - extruded (prasowane).

And apart from the waffles: tubes and bowls. A crunchy classic of every ice cream shop.

Proven taste and guaranteed quality.

We have been baking wafers for over 40 years. We know what all those who buy them need. Crunchiness, unique taste and always the same top quality. That is why each carton with our wafers always contains hand-selected, perfectly baked and really tasty wafers. Our wafers are most often bought by children and parents. Children because they just love to munch on wafers with ice cream, whipped cream or fruit. And parents - because they know what their children like :)

Mug, cone, cone, bowl. Each of our wafers has its own purpose. For example, a bowl is most often bought for family events - you can put in it not only ice cream, whipped cream, but also fruit. And then decorate the whole with glaze :) On the other hand, cones, cones and cups are most often chosen by children. For crunching and filling with ice cream and whipped cream. Children like Soforka wafers :).

Made to order wafers

Part of our assortment is available only on request - due to the large number of orders, we have limited the current production to those wafers that our customers buy most often. But all you have to do is let us know what to bake for you - and we will bake it.

Order to the company or home

You can buy directly from us or in a warehouse (or retail chain) recommended by us. Contact us and we will suggest the best solution for you.

Sweet wafers for ice cream and desserts.

Apart from waffles - in various sizes, with and without rim - waffle cups and Italian tubes.

Extremely tasty and durable. Checked by children :)

Our sweet waffles have three strong advantages. First of all - they are really of the highest quality. Second: they do not crumble, they are durable. And yet - in the opinion of customers - they are fragile. And thirdly: we produce them on an ongoing basis, according to our own recipe. That is why they always smell beautiful and taste great after opening the carton. In short: our waffles are worth recommending. There are no other such.

End customers buy ice cream all year round. Not only for your retail outlets or pastry shops. But also for a party, for dessert, for children, or, for example, to improve the mood - as in the movies :) As the sales results show, sweet wafers are a natural complement to such purchases.

Wafel słodki San Marino - Soforek
Wafel słodki Sycylia - Soforek
Wafel słodki Elba - Soforek
Wafel słodki Tęczowa Sycylia - Soforek
Wafel słodki Etna - Soforek
Wafel słodki Rimini - Soforek
Wafel słodki Genua - Soforek
Miska waflowa słodka Torino - Soforek
Rurka włoska słodka - Soforek
Tęczowa rurka włoska słodka - Soforek